Tattoo Numbing (What you need to do)

Before your eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, you will need to numb the area. To do this you have two options…


  1. Call Shereen at Northcote Compounding Chemist and get a formula of (lidocaine 6%, tetracaine 4%) Quote Sam @ LUNA Skin + Brow and she will know what you need. Cost is approx. $30 and will be enough for initial and 4-6wk touch up. Please make sure it goes on a clean brow 15minutes prior to your appointment time. It does not need to be put on hours before and refrain from doing this as it is a waste of product and can make skin unworkable for your tattoo. As this product has to be made up for you, please give Shereen at least 2-3 days to do so. Call 9489 8991 or email


  1. Alternatively you can collect products such as Emla or Numit from most chemists and follow instructions for use. These products cost approx. $20-$30


Ensure you choose one of these options above to make you as comfortable as possible during tattoo. If you have any questions pls call Sam on 7005 5860 or email