Tattoo Eligibility + FAQs

Firstly it is important to understand that the micropigmentation/tattooing process is exactly that a process… 

As a precaution I do not perform any tattoo makeovers on clients that any of the below apply to: 
• Cancer 
• Blood Thinners (some are ok, pls check) 
• Diabetes 
• Currently or in the last 6 months been taking Roaccutane (acne medication) 
• Pregnant/Breastfeeding 
• Under the age of 18 

24 hrs prior to tattoo avoid caffeine, nurofen and panadol.

Please also cease using fish oil 72hrs prior to your tattoo, as this is a blood thinner. 

Patch tests are also available prior to your appointment day, to avoid an allergic reaction (very rare) Can book a patch test online or get in touch. 

Here are some FAQ’s to help you understand a bit more about your procedure…

Q. What is Cosmetic Tattoo/Micropigmentation?
A specialised form of  tattoo artistry that enhances the natural features of your face. It involves a technique that implants coloured pigment into the dermal layer of your skin, with a small purpose made, disposable needle or shader with a machine, to create the appearance of natural hair strokes or makeup. Sam only offers microblading if you have the skin type that it suits. 95% of the time an Ombre brow is your best long term option.

Q. Do I come with my eyebrows numb?                                                                                                                                              We have changed our procedure which means you do not have to come with your brows numbed. We find crisper results if we do not pre numb. Numbing is used straight after we do your outline for your comfort. If you do not handle pain well or are nervous than you may pre numb with Emla or Nummit which you can buy from the chemist. The outline is light so most clients are comfortable throughout. 

Q. How long does my tattoo last? 
Unlike a permanent tattoo we use organic pigments which are designed to break down over time. Also we are not going as deep in the skin as a permanent tattoo, therefore it is called a semi-permanent procedure. However all cosmetic tattoos should be looked as a more permanent decision, as they need maintenance to colour correct as time goes on. Please be aware that they will fade over time, we recommend a colour refresher every 12-24 months to keep them looking their best. Some peoples skin may hold the colour really well and have much less fading than other skins! No one skin is the same in the colour retention and there is no guarantees on how long it will last!

Q. How long should I allow for my appointment? 
It’s a two part process, the first appointment please allow approx 4 hours and your touch up appointment approx 2hrs. Don’t worry we are not tattooing that entire time, we allow extra time as its a tattoo and we dont want to rush the procedure. Some clients may need three sessions to achieve their desired results. 
*Touch up appointments are $150 4-6wks after your initial tattoo. The tattoo can look patchy prior to this appointment. This is why it is called the perfecting session.

Q. Can I get this done before a big event or holiday?                                                                                                                 It really depends- If your going somewhere tropical (u lucky thing) best too get them done on your arrival home, or at least 1 month prior to your trip. 
Sun exposure can be detrimental to the pigment having good retention.
You also shouldn’t get them wet for at least two weeks after your appointment, so definitely no swimming! 

Q. How will I look directly after my appointment and throughout the healing process? 
After your appointment your brows will look bold and intense, as they fade around 40% you must go darker initially to get that end result. Treat your brows like an open wound when they are healing, they may be a bit red and swollen initially after treatment. 
The pigment will start to appear lighter in the first week, they may start to appear patchy once the dark layer sheds off. Some clients who look after them fabulously won’t even notice this peeling stage. It is super important not too pick them throughout this stage of healing too.
If shedding has occurred they will look lighter and patchy and this is fixed at your touch up, once the shedding has stopped you can apply makeup until your touch up.
After a couple of weeks your brows will be mostly healed, however they can disappear a bit (cheeky things) and the true colour won’t appear until the 4wk mark. This is why we have to wait the full time always between your appointments. 

Q. Is the process painful? 
You own personal compounded anaesthetic cream is applied to the area prior to treatment and during to reduce any discomfort. Please refer to our page ‘tattoo anaesthetic’ for what you need to do. All microblading tools and needles are disposable and recorded to ensure your safety is our upmost priority.

I will snuggle you up in a blanket with a stress ball too. The pain felt varies from client to client. Most people describe the feeling of Microblading- as a scratching sound and bearable. And the shading machine is much more softer on the skin so is more suitable for fragile and sensitive skins. Also Oily skins hold shading far more better than Microblading so i always recommend this style for that reason.

Q. Should I get my brows waxed/shaped before the procedure?
Not necessarily… unless i haven’t seen you before and you LOVE your shape of brows when waxed then definitely see to it a couple of days prior to your tattoo. In most cases tweezing throughout your tattoo is enough and if there is alot to clean up we can wax prior to your tattoo depending on your skin type. In regards to tinting, we always want to tattoo as natural as possible so i recommend to never go more than two shades darker than your natural hair unless you are willing to get regular tints one your tattoo is healed.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on 7005 5860 or email

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