LUNA Relax

Our Signature Bespoke Relax Treatment…

Start your journey with our beauty renewal drink to get your glowing from within. Then pop on our hygienically covered single use headphones that block out all the noise to get you really zoning out.

A oil blend is designed for exactly what you need whether that be uplifting, deep relaxation or well-being.

As a rough guide to our signature treatment you can use the time like the following suggestions, however we tailor it to really suit your needs. So if that is 50 minutes just on back of body than that is exactly what we will do! We will guide you with our options and recommendations to get the most out of your treatment after consultation.

Our 30 minute usually includes a back, neck & shoulder massage. We do recommend to include the shoulders and scalp- it just feels too nice to not!

Our 50 minute treatment includes the above and a mini facial tailored to suit your needs.

Our 70 minute treatment usually includes the above and a part body sugar exfoliation. The back and feet seem to be the most popular spots for this addition.

“Its not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make happiness a priority. It’s necessary”                       – Mandy Hals